About Us


Who We Are: A premiere personal chef catering service providing customers located in the suburbs of Rochester New York with weekly meal plans, one-time parties and private chef options. We are dedicated to bringing classic family style courses back to the dinner table. Baez Catering provides a unique in-home chef service.

How/Where We Do It: Every menu item is made in your own home kitchen. You can make the choice to watch your cuisine unfold or go out and have a great day and come back to a full course on your dinner table. Courses can be served via family style (right on your dinner table), buffet style, and for a small fee personal waiter service.

What Do We Offer: Our menu is an eclectic work our chef has been developing and learning over the course of 3 years. The food ranges from traditional Italian to South American dishes. We like to call it “Classic American.” Our country is a melting pot of culture and our menu is designed to highlight the best of flavors.

Costs: Our services offered start at a very low price of $25 an hour plus the cost of food. However, prices differ according to courses requested, style of party and or size of party.

Suppliers: Our aim is to buy products from local businesses, a goal to stay within the community. My produce is purchased from local farmers throughout the months of May-November. During the winter months we purchase our products from Wegman’s Food Markets Inc.

Alcohol: Alcohol can be provided in the confines of a private home to a private party. In other circumstances Baez Catering cannot serve alcohol.Want to find out more about Baez Catering? Sign up for our weekly newsletter Here

You can contact us at anytime at 585-236-6312 or at BaezCatering@gmail.com 

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